Incoming agency and DMC
in Hungary and Central Europe

About Budaventura Travel

Home-based in Budapest, Hungary, we provide local knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm to organize your special customized programs and venues.

Our specialities are high quality thematic and personalized trips, intended to those interested in the large scale of cultural, historic and natural treasures to be found in Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia and mystic Transylvania.

Our mentality – which besides our several decades’ experience is our main strength – helps to convert each trip into an unforgettable experience. According to our vocation and to the traditional Hungarian hospitality, our trips are hosted by professional guides whose knowledge and experience are equally important as their human qualities.

Our multilingual staff thinking together with you, is ready to give quick and professional answers to any kind of needs.

We are happy to help you to create your personalised tour! All our tours are tailor-made to match your expectations and budget.


„Here you can get to know our team, the people, who are doing their best in order to take care of your comfort, safety  happiness and satisfaction.”



director and the founder of Budaventura

I am not only a travel expert (I have more than 40 years of experience in tourism) but also a professor (I taught for decades at ELTE University) This allows me to handle student groups not only as a tour organizer, but also as a teacher, so I can understand and cooperate with the staff who is leading the group. I am proud of the team I am working with. Personally I have 3 children, one  is a pop-musician. I like jazz, good wines and sport acitivities: cycling, sailing and waterpolo. You can speak with me in Italian, English and German.




I am here since 2011. I studied at The College of Commerce, Catering and Tourism, and speak German and English. I am rarely sad, I think exactitude, helpfulness and a smile can arrange everything. Many say that I am the happiest member of the team, and they are not wrong. :)  I like Budapest very much, the bustling  city life, always looking for new, interesting programs.  I am proud of the musical culture of my country. I played piano, so I can read music well.

I am dedicated to making the group's stay unforgettable, when they go back to their country and say to their friends: "Wow! It was awesome! Hungary is great, you have to go there and see it yourself!"




I joined Budaventura Travel in 2018. I studied literature, history and Finnish in the university and later I graduated in tourism.  I have worked in tourism since 1989. I enjoy very much to create new, special,and tailor made programs for groups. I also like to work as tourguide  with our groups. I speak Hungarian, Finnish, English and a bit German.

I like reading, classical music, jazz and sports. I enjoy really much the professionalism and creativity of our team and  that all my colleagues have very good sense of humour.




I am the newcomer in the company, but I have more than 27 years of experience in the turism business. I have an International Hospitality Management diploma earned in Vancouver/Canada.  I was born in Transylvania/Romania and I feel really happy to live and work in Hungary. I am devoted to travel and I can tell that I have travelled quite a lot, though my list is still long with the places I would like to visit. I am a person who loves to organize things, I am meticulous with attention to the smallest details, that’s why a travel agency is a perfect workplace for me.

I speak English, Italian, Romanian and German.