Incoming agency and DMC
in Hungary and Central Europe

Gourmet Trips

The ancient Hungarians of the steppe had also been remarkable for their gastronomical inventions: the preservation of food by pickling is owing to them (e.g. stuffed cabbage) and the soup cube as well: the meat was sliced into tiny stripes, dried in the sun then they took it along in small bags for their excursions: they only needed some hot water to make a delicious meat soup. Almost everybody is familiar with the typical meal of the Hungarian herdsmen, the “goulash”, which was made from delicious beef with plenty of onion and red paprika.

In our time, the revolution and renewal of the Hungarian cuisine is going on in Hungary. Our restaurants are the witnesses by winning Michelin stars one after the other. Bob Gourmand as well as Gault Millau regularly recommend not only Budapest restaurants but also restaurants from the countryside. Tamás Széll, our distinguished chef won the European Final of Bocuse d’Or which was organized in Budapest in 2016. Hungary is abounding in games; you should try our game and venison dishes or the excellent fried duck! Hungarian cuisine has discovered again the “marbled mangalica” meat. The restaurants lay special emphasis on using fruits and vegetables of excellent quality grown by local producers. How about trying some? Enjoy your meal!