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UNESCO World Heritage Hortobágy National Park, the Puszta

This is the farmland of wheat and orchards -- a broad, bleak, yet dramatic land mass that covers almost half the country. The Puszta is a fascinating area, encircled by commercial agricultural land, endless sunflowers, corn and grains. The Hortobágy Puszta is similar to the great praires of the US, even Mongolia. The unbroken horizon of the Puszta is only rarely interrupted by trees or clumps of trees, line facilities or settlements. Roadside inns, called “csárda”, bridges and shepherds’ facilities fit harmonically into the seemingly monotonous landscape. Grasslands and wetlands mingle, giving a diverse habitat and abundant birdlife. For the most part, the Puszta is still uninhabited, but, preserving pastoral and social traditions, in the period from April to October several hundred animal keepers graze their grey cattle herds, Racka sheep flocks or horses on the grassland. Experience the beauty of Great Plains and you'll discover Hungary's sunniest region, a land of rivers and lakes, and a paradise for lovers of fishing, water sports and horse riding.