Incoming agency and DMC
in Hungary and Central Europe


Pearl of the Danube river”, “Little Sister of Vienna”, “Paris of the East”, “City of the Spas” – just a few attributes, the admirers of the city labelled the Hungarian capital. And this is not accidental: Budapest won the honourable award of “the best European destination 2019”. 

The latter is not only due to the city’s unrivalled situation, to its stately palaces and the sight of the slender bridges spanning the majestic Danube but also to the humming, multi-coloured cultural life and to the peculiar atmosphere of the city, which attracts more and more visitors to both banks of the river, year by year!


Lots of museums, concert halls, art galleries are waiting for you, as well as delicious dishes, good restaurants, world-famous spas, pulsating musical or sports events and festivals like the Sziget/Island, or the Wagner Festival (the former with more than 300 thousand visitors!) 

And what about the different sports events of the World Championship, European Championship, the concerts of famous performers?

It’s as easy as ABC! You must see it!
Budapest is a must!