Incoming agency and DMC
in Hungary and Central Europe

Meetings and Conferences

Congresses, meetings and symposia have a long tradition. In Hungary we find particular venues, meeting rooms, interpreters, technical support and multilingual hostesses for you.

Incentive venues

As we manage Your event from the start we always build up the program and select the venue according to the expectations, which is the best fitting to the event.

That is why we do not list meeting rooms, hotels here.

Contact us if You need a tailor-made hotel offer for Your event.

You can find some interesting ideas, special venues instead.

Team building program ideas

'Downtown Rallye'

Discover the city (Budapest) through funny missions, team quiz, in course of an orientation tour.

Teams are dropped at different places of the city center with a map. During finding the way back to the meeting point they have to solve some tasks using brains, ingenuity and teamwork…

Medieval team building with knights' tournament

Hand weapons of the era, falconer presentation, mass battle, team competition (a.o. target practice with lance, archery, run racing  with wooden horse, etc…) at different locations of a castle-yard with awards ceremony...

For welcome it is possible to have a „medieval Cocktailparty”, and for continuation after the program a royal feast lunch or dinner...

Katamaran tour on the River Danube

An active tour in a valley, the most beautiful parts of the Danube Bend with qualified crew.


Truffle hunting

Truffles grow under the ground. Formerly they were searched by pigs, nowadays by trained dogs. Truffle hunting is a romantic occupation, something like treasure hunting.


Sliding down in a valley

This challenge contributes to building and maintenance of team cohesion. The participants slide downhill on a wire in small groups. The experience shared with each other, the joint participation on  this cool adventure enhances the feeling of togetherness and of being member of a team.


Puszta Olympics

'Puszta' is the Hungarian Great Plain, the Hungarian 'prairie', where a playful team competition with much fun (Sack-race, Puszta-ski, wheelbarrow race, horseshoe throwing, etc…) can be organized.


Go-kart racing

Professional go-kart course (indoor or outdoor), with computer supported timing, announcement of results and buffet lunch.



Picnic party in the mountains

„Restaurant in the middle of the forest“
The environment with its streamlets, waterfalls, meadows and  wildlife is one of the most beautiful nature conservation areas in Hungary.


Carriage and pair competition

Arrival in a ‚csárda’ (= typical Hungarian inn), where You  enjoy Your starting ‚pogácsa’ (= typical Hungarian salted cake) and Your ‚pálinka’ (=typical Hungarian spirit made by 100% fruit).
The multiple carriage and pair world champion Lázár brothers collaborate in our competition. The winner is the person, who completes the obstacle course in the shortest time with the fewest mistakes.


Adventure program in the Tropicarium

In this Adventure Tour You will encounter with exotic animals and wild environment. During this unusual and exciting program You have to test Your personal risk-taking and stress-bearing abilities and strengthen the team relationships through the necessity of team work...


Trabant Rallye

Always successful, amusing and funny tasks: orientation and team building with these charming cars of a bygone era...



Let's be a filmstar!

Our unique program leads You to the first filmstudio and film theme park in Central-East Europe. Make Your own movie: everbody has a function, be the main charachter or the cameraman! Professional background (director, costumes) is for Your help during the shooting. At the end the team can enjoy its self-made masterpiece, and can take it home on DVDs. An unforgettable experience!
Our program can be spiced with other elements (stunt man performance, green screen shooting, synchronization, etc…).

Cave tour in Budapest

Why not to make an adventurous team building program in a cave system? You need only resoluteness, some dexterity and good relations with Your teammates…
Everything else will be arranged (cave, professional staff, equipment and cocktail or mulled wine /depending on season/ for the successful ’cave rovers’ at the end.
/don’t worry, for unsuccessful ones search-party starts on every 3rd day. :)

... and many other ideas...